eCommerce Website

Beautiful products deserve a beautiful website.

The fabulous women at NEWTW!ST came to us looking to replace an outdated website with something designed in a way that was more true to the beautiful products they sell.

It was a fun and collaborative design process.

After it launched, online sales immediately and significantly jumped. After 11 months on the new site, sales on the website were more than double sales over the same period on the old site. Into the second year on the new site, online monthly sales were about doubling again, compared to the first year the new site was live.

The folks at NEWTW!ST do some great email and social media marketing to help achieve that, but it was necessary to have a better site to send people too, to help build customer trust and truly show off the amazing jewelry and other products they sell.

We also integrated the website with their point-of-sale system, so that inventory could be synced between the brick-and-mortar store and the web store, and did some custom programming to allow gift cards to be used for purchases on the website.

We build the commerce part of the site on Woocommerce, an exceptionally flexible add-on for WordPress. And we were excited that the good people at Woocommerce saw fit to include this site in their Showcase of outstanding sites.

Oh, the old site, by the way. Yeah. It was showing it’s age …

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