A web and design agency

We may be smaller than a lot of agencies, but that’s on purpose. We prefer to focus on fewer clients, and doing things right. We call ourselves the “Small Office of Big Ideas.”

We strive to be nimble and responsive. There is no need to go through layers of account executives, like you might find at some of the bigger agencies. You won’t be assigned a new “associate account manager” every six months. You talk directly to us, the people who are crafting your project.

We are based in Eugene, Ore., and we do your work right here. We don’t send coding work overseas, and if we do outsource anything (say, a photo shoot or language translation) we’ll be transparent about it.

All that said, our skills and experience are diverse enough to handle complex projects with multiple deliverables (see our services).

Bob Passaro

Bob specializes in web development and content. Before joining Figoli Quinn in 2015, he was a freelance web developer, a copywriter at the Eugene marketing agency Cawood, and — back in the distant past — a newspaper journalist. On weekends, you might find Bob on his mountain bike at “Y Pass” or trying to finish a never-ending DIY kitchen remodel. He serves on the board of Better Eugene Springfield Transportation (aka BEST).

Steven Quinn

Steven is a coding whiz and jack of all trades. He handles web development and design as well as 3D modeling and animations. Before co-founding Figoli Quinn with Tony in 2014, Steven worked as a designer and web developer at a financial services company and other agencies. Steven is a former member of the University of Oregon marching band, and when he’s not working you are likely to find him playing some musical instrument or other.

Tony Figoli

Tony started designing stuff with crayons and graph paper in the 1970s. Now he uses a computer. He spent years as a freelancer, designing everything from logos, to posters, to album covers, to websites. One of his clients in those days was a small start-up craft beer maker called Ninkasi Brewing Company. As Ninkasi grew, Tony joined full time as art director. After six years working on that one brand, Tony struck out on his own again to co-found Figoli Quinn in 2014. When he is not at work, he is probably staring at typography, playing drums, or having a whiskey with friends.