Logo revision

Taking the edge off.

As part of our website project with NEWTW!ST we undertook a revision of the store’s logo. We’re believers in the idea that an established business is often better served by gradual evolution of logo than a complete rebrand.

The existing logo type (a typeface called Bank Gothic) felt too hard-edged and masculine. Yet the logo as a whole had a couple clever plays on the “twist” idea — the ribbon/exclamation mark and the upside-down “i” (or exclamation mark) in the type. Those were worth keeping.

As it turns out, a change to the typeface ended up being enough to deliver a far softer, more feminine tone that suits this shop much better. It’s also a bit more unique and distinctive. While we were at it we also simplified the colors. And yet the whole thing wasn’t so different as to confuse existing customers about the identity of the business.

The update:

New Newtwist logo

Compared to the old version:

Old Newtwist logo

One note: The new version doesn’t actually use a wholly different typeface. You will notice the general shape, proportion and construction of the letters is the same. It’s still Bank Gothic, sort of. We just thinned the strokes, rounded the corners — oh, and we drew a totally new “S”.

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