Branding Questionnaire

Let’s get started on your branding project!

Brand Traits

Your brand is not just the product you are selling (or the services you provide) but also the brand traits that you represent. By doing business with you, people are saying “I stand for these traits too.” This is how we start to humanize your brand. Make a list of five traits that you see best describing your brand, along with a trait related to each of those that you want to avoid. (For example: FUN but not childish; TRENDY but not alienating; LEADER but not bossy)

Your brand's ideal "customers"

A buyer “persona” is a way to profile customers or clients (or in the case of non-profits, the people you serve). It’s sort of a “fictional person,” whom you imagine will be one of your most loyal audiences. A persona might include, for example: where do they live, what are their habits, their lifestyle patterns, where do they get their news, what is their income level, male or female, how old, what kind of work do they do, what do they value most, what do they do in their free time, what’s their role in the buying process (decision-maker, influencer, gatekeeper, etc), and finally, what challenges are there to doing business with them?

Your Brand's Personality

Let’s map your brand’s personality. To get a sense of this, imagine a Ferrari dealership. You walk in and might learn there is a 10-month wait for a car. They’re very expensive. This is a “dominant brand” not afraid to scare some customers away. Part of the brand is actually based on the fact that most consumers will never consider buying one. Something like Ford on the other hand will have a car to suit most budgets and various needs, and chances are you can drive away today. This is a “submissive brand” that tries best it can to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

The Competition

Brand Characteristics

Tone of voice

Think about how different people talk to you and how it makes you feel and act? Successful businesses understand the need for a consistent tone in their communication. This helps people connect with you on a human level, an emotional level and know what to expect. For instance, McDonald’s staff members use the exact same phrase each time they give an order to a customer. “Enjoy”. It’s simple but it is something that McDonald’s has made sure each staff member knows because they have established a clear Tone of Voice within their brand. Think about how your brand speaks to your customers. Then write one to three ways you would and would not do each of the following.

Brand Values

Write one-sentence for each of the following:

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