Where good design comes from

I’m not a designer, but I get to watch one every day. I can tell you this: good design rarely happens on the first try. Or the second. In fact, rather than coming in a flash of inspiration, it usually comes slowly, through a process of tinkering, refinement, and back-and-forth with the client.

We’ve been having a great time working with Brian, Matt and Doug, three partners who are starting up a brewery in Eugene. What they have in mind is a little different than your standard Northwest craft brewery. Alesong is will focus on old world Belgian style beers, barrel-aged beers, fruit-based ales. They needed a logo that was distinctive and classy, not hip and trendy.

It’s amazing to look back through the (substantial) file of all the versions that didn’t make it. But all those versions helped us learn what was kinda working, what might work, what would have worked for some other company, and what just didn’t work at all.

So, if you ever wonder what you’re paying for when you pay a designer — it’s all the dead-ends and drafts, all the experiments that went awry — all of which are necessary to actually find your destination.


Bob Passaro

Bob specializes in web design and development and copywriting. Before joining Figoli Quinn, he was a freelance web developer, a copywriter at the Eugene marketing agency Cawood, and back in the distant past he was a newspaper editor and reporter. In another life, Bob might have been a bicycle courier – but he settles for occasionally hopping on his bike to deliver boxes of brochures or other items from the printer to a client. He serves on the board of Better Eugene Springfield Transportation (aka BEST) and the Events Committee of GreenLane Sustainable Business Network.

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