The 'earl' of sandwich-board signs

I spend a fair bit of time “building” websites. But as someone who’s also been a woodworker for a long time, it’s hard to think sitting in front of a computer is an activity you can really call “building.”

So it’s always fun to go make sawdust.

Those plastic sandwich board signs are everywhere around town, and they’re fine as they go. But when our client Meg Orion mentioned she wanted a sandwich board sign, we started thinking about other options.

I call this the Earl of Sandwich Board Signs — in honor of the Earl of Sandwich, purported inventor of the roast beef sandwich.

Here are a few steps in the process. Hat tips go to Harris Design for printing and applying the vinyl for us and Eric Keskeys, who originally designed Meg’s logo. The rest was done in my backyard.

IMG_7522 IMG_7526 IMG_7528 IMG_7529 IMG_7530 IMG_7531 IMG_7532 IMG_7559

Bob Passaro

Bob specializes in web design and development and copywriting. Before joining Figoli Quinn, he was a freelance web developer, a copywriter at the Eugene marketing agency Cawood, and back in the distant past he was a newspaper editor and reporter. In another life, Bob might have been a bicycle courier – but he settles for occasionally hopping on his bike to deliver boxes of brochures or other items from the printer to a client. He serves on the board of Better Eugene Springfield Transportation (aka BEST) and the Events Committee of GreenLane Sustainable Business Network.

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