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Customizing E-commerce: Why we love Woocommerce

Apr 16, 2018

The word “e-commerce” gets thrown around a lot like it’s a product you just pull off the shelf and start using, but in our experience, it’s far from the case. We’ve done a number of different…

Home sweet homepage

Sep 18, 2017

What should be on your homepage? Keep it simple, keep it focused, keep it brief and above all be helpful. Sure, the design and content of your homepage depends a lot on what you do and the…

New E-commerce Website

Aug 05, 2017

Another website is live! In probably the biggest rebuild project we’ve had to date, we helped Instant Music Now completely rebuild their e-commerce site selling royalty free music from the ground up. Learn more about what…

New Gallic Financial Website

Jun 20, 2017

We’ve got another brand new website out the door, this time for the awesome folks at Gallic & Johnson Financial. This new site allows them to better display and organize their content, makes it easier to…

“My website sucks” and other signs it’s probably not getting enough attention

May 18, 2017

We’ve all been there. You go to your website, and you just get this “meh” sort of feeling. It might not be obvious why, but inevitably the words “My website sucks” come up. Quickly following this…

Mobile Kiosk

Aug 25, 2016

Steven has added another Figoli Quinn plugin to the official WordPress plugin repository: It’s called Mobile Kiosk. This project grew out of work for a client, and it allows your WordPress site to easily host a…

Working on weaving a beautiful web

Aug 23, 2016

  We’ve been busy since we last spoke, launching a half dozen websites over the summer: Steven took the lead on sites for Sundial Cafe and Laurel Ridge Winery, while Bob and Tony teamed up on sites for Registrars Committee…

Creating PressCheck, a WordPress updating tool for iOS

Apr 13, 2016

We recently released an iOS app called PressCheck, which allows WordPress users to easily keep tabs on security updates on their WordPress websites. The original goal wasn’t actually to publish an app for others. Initially, it was…

Under the hood of Lane United 35+

Apr 13, 2016

Lane United Football Club had the goal of replacing the old City of Eugene soccer league and wanted to modernize the previous paper-and-pencil method of managing teams and players. We created a custom web application for them that…

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