Web hosting

Fast, reliable, affordable.

SSD cloud servers

We offer website hosting to all of our clients on a superb, reliable, and flexible platform of solid state servers in the cloud.

Unlike many other hosting services, we will put your website on its own¬†high-speed server, with its own allocated memory, CPU and storage. You are never sharing resources with other websites. You aren’t at risk if someone else’s website gets hacked. Your site won’t slow down because someone else gets a spike in traffic.

If your site starts seeing increased traffic and you need more horsepower, we can scale up your server memory and processing power in a matter of minutes — we can even do so temporarily, say, if you are planning a big short-term campaign of some kind.

We take care of everything

If we build your site, we don’t require that you host with us, but there are good reasons to. As part of your hosting fee, we make sure your site stays safe, secure, speedy and healthy!

Included with our hosting service are:

  • regular backups of your website (usually weekly, but depends on your needs)
  • server security updates
  • website platform security updates (keeping WordPress and all plugins up to date, for instance, if it’s a WordPress site)
  • we monitor all our sites for “uptime” and any other issues, meaning if your site ever goes down (it does happen; the Internet isn’t perfect!), we’ll get notified and likely be working on it before you even realize there is a problem

Updating content on the site is not included in our hosting service, but if you want us to handle content updates, we are happy to discuss a separate retainer or hourly rate for that.

Hosting is only for our existing clients

Our web hosting service is offered only to our clients, those we’ve built a website for, or those with whom we have some other ongoing relationship.¬†Sorry, we generally do not offer web hosting as a standalone service.

Email hosting

Although many hosting services combine email and web hosting, it is generally better these days to keep those two things on separate platforms.

We no longer provide email-hosting services to new clients, but are happy to recommend good email services and consultants if you need help with that (although we do occasionally still set up email for some smaller clients).

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