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Oregon SCI WordPress Web Development

West at Oregon SCI came to us wanting to tweak their existing WordPress website. He liked it for the most part, and it worked, but there were a couple of features he wanted to add, and just do some all around cleanup and organizational work. Here’s what he wanted:

  1. Updated Registration Form
    The registration form worked, but because it just sent an email of what was entered, there was a manual process involved in getting that information into a spreadsheet, and into Mailchimp for doing emails.
  2. Mapping
    They were looking to add an interactive map to the site that would list places or people that could list helpful resources in someone’s area
  3. Polls
    They wanted the ability to add polls to the website that users could take
  4. General Cleanup
    There were some general cleanup and styling things to take care of. Some were organizational, and some were due to the default styling in the theme they were using

What we did

We started with the registration form, which started with moving it over to a common contact form plugin that would allow it to be easily expandable and editable. That, combined with some custom add ons by us makes it now so that when someone uses the registration form, West still gets an email about it, but it also populates a good spreadsheet, adds them to a mail chimp list (if they opt-in), and if they opt in, they’re added automatically to the new interactive map. More on that mapping part — when they’re added, we don’t want to be publicly sharing exactly where these people are located. Instead, we’re randomizing their position by roughly a mile. Good enough for the map, but allows a little bit of privacy. On the map portion, West already had a plugin he’d purchased that wasn’t working really well for him, so we were able to help out in getting that plugin working, get the registration form integration, and style it to match the rest of the website.

Finally, we just did some general cleanup, making the home page cleaner and easier to follow, we brought more prominence to the blog, and really tried to make things more uniform across pages, especially around the header.

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