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Another project from the creative musician Mike Brewer of, Mary Butterworth was a small 1960s band in California that made a single recording for friends and family that would achieve fame in via bootleg copies in various countries, eventually landing it a spot in the movie “Lost in Translation”.

Mike came to us looking to update the existing site at to give it a new updated look and to match the platform of the new Instant Music now website. With how incredibly unique the artwork for the album was, we knew we wanted to feature it on the website but had a big problem with that. The artwork was made in the 1960s, and the only digital copies of it were pretty poor quality and not something we could use on the web. Plus we wanted to be able to use separate elements of it, and the original was drawn as a single layer, so we decided we had to redraw the original album artwork and get it as close as possible to the original. Steven loaded up the original artwork on his iPad and started tracing each layer over the top of it, filling in details where needed so we could have every element on a separate layer that we could play with.

With the artwork done, we could employ a fun parallax effect on the website that really highlighted the unique elements of the album, and carry that theme throughout the entire website. It was an incredibly fun front end development project that was different than pretty much anything else we’d done to date. The site was built on WordPress, utilizing the Woocommerce e-commerce platform to handle the sales for both physical CDs and digital downloads.

Visit it and check out at the album at


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