Sports team website

Out of Squarespace, into WordPress.

Lane United Football Club had their site on Squarespace, and while it was working for them, they weren’t satisfied with the editing experience. There were too many situations where — if they wanted content that appeared in multiple places to be updaed — they had to update it multiple times.

There were also more things they wanted to do with the site that weren’t available on the platform. The question was always, “does the software allow us to do this?” They approached us asking if there was a better way.

Updated custom Lane united Football Club Website

We took the same look and feel they already had, and just ported it over to a custom WordPress theme. With this, we got the great editor experience of WordPress but could also extend it so content was easier to edit and there was less to edit.

We were able to accommodate all of that, plus add additional features like being able to sell tickets online to various events they host. When the site was ready we were able to provide a seamless transition between Squarespace and our own host, with zero down time and none of their visitors recognizing the difference.

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