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Laurel Ridge Winery Web Design & Development

When Laurel Ridge came to us asking to redo their website, they had a couple of things they wanted to accomplish. First, was to make sure they could edit whatever they needed to on the site, because to anything previously, they had to call their web developer to make the changes, and had to wait until the developer could get to it.

They also wanted a new look to the site that had elegance, matched their new branding and labels, but also rang true to their small-business, Oregon roots.

We built them a new site using WordPress with a handcrafted theme that allows them to easily update their own content. The updated design gave the content more breathing room and allowed them to feature high-quality photographs they’d recently had shot of the winery — including drone shots, how awesome is that?

Finally, the new site features responsive design, meaning the content and layout reflows to best present the content on the page, no matter the screen size.

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