IDX Listings App for TV and iPad

Turn it on and let it run

InEugene Realestate came to us looking for a solution to easily display IDX listings both in a TV in their front office, as well as on an iPad they could take out and about with them. Most of all it needed to be a completely automated solution where they could just leave it running and it would periodically update listings as they were posted.

In Eugene TV App WordPress

We were able to build a custom solution on WordPress that would fetch general listings based on some search parameters, their specific listings, and be able to pull in drone video they’d attached to the listing. Best of all, this would all happen automatically, with the display automatically updating every few hours. Being run off the web, the same application could be run on the TV or the iPad allowing for an easy to manage experience between the two. The iPad also allows users to interact with the display and capture their contact information into a Mailchimp list.

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