Wordpress website Gallic Financial

Gallic & Johnson Financial came to us looking for a new website. While the existing site had a good amount of content, it was hard to follow and even harder to edit. Their existing content management system was pretty rigid.

With the redesign, we balanced the need to maintain their existing visual identity with something that was cleaner, more up-to-date and more approachable. We wanted prospective customers to feel comfortable interacting with the site and have it reflect the awesome people we’ve came to know over at Gallic.

We moved the majority of their website off of the existing platform and onto WordPress, which gave us a lot more flexibility to prioritize various pieces of content, give the site a better flow and make it easier to edit. We also arranged a photo shoot to capture a friendlier look with authentic shots of the staff and office (thanks to photographer Dana Vion).



We also rewrote all of their online interactive calculators to give users a better experience, and add some calculators that weren’t available to them before. With it all now fully editable in their new site, it also allows us to painlessly add additional calculators for them in the future.

Wordpress custom calculators

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