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Super customized and well integrated.

Xtracycle contacted us looking for a new e-commerce website, but the project turned out to be much more than that. In fact this was one of the most complex web development projects we’ve undertaken. On the surface, the site is about helping people understand the Xtracycle brand, learn about its cargo bikes and accessories, and buy them online.

We created a survey to help recommend the right bike set-up based on a person’s lifestyle.

We designed a bike “builder” page that lets people set up their bike, choosing various options and accessories, and being able to visually see it come together.

Under the hood, we built a system to handle wholesale orders from the company’s network of dealers, as well as special custom shipping methods.

But a huge part of the project involves features customers won’t ever see — features to automate some of the business’ operational processes and help Xtracycle staff save time and streamline their workflow. Data regarding products and orders on the site integrates with several different cloud services the company uses:

  • We hook into their Xero accounting service so that each new sale creates an invoice and applies payment to it.
  • We wrote a custom plugin to sync orders and stock with Unleashed, an online inventory management service.
  • We customized another connection the site makes to the warehouse that handles order fulfillment.
  • And yet another connection ties into Agile CRM, which Xtracycle uses to handle customer and dealer contact information, email marketing, sales leads, and more.

All of this was built on WordPress and Woocommerce. These open-source platforms are incredibly flexible and allow limitless customizations. Many of the features on this site would have been very difficult if not impossible to implement on other more closed e-commerce platforms.

We were proud to have this site selected to be featured in the Woocommerce “showcase”.

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