Mobile Kiosk

Steven has added another Figoli Quinn plugin to the official WordPress plugin repository: It’s called Mobile Kiosk. This project grew out of work for a client, and it allows your WordPress site to easily host a slideshow at full screen with none of the browser showing. You can even collect leads straight into a MailChimp newsletter list.

You can run Mobile Kiosk on an iPad or even a TV screen. It’s perfect for a mobile advertising kiosk or a trade show booth. You can often see it at work in the window of InEugene Real Estate at the corner of Broadway and Oak downtown, showing homes for sale through the window to anyone passing by out on the sidewalk.

Bob Passaro

Bob specializes in web design and development and copywriting. Before joining Figoli Quinn, he was a freelance web developer, a copywriter at the Eugene marketing agency Cawood, and back in the distant past he was a newspaper editor and reporter. In another life, Bob might have been a bicycle courier – but he settles for occasionally hopping on his bike to deliver boxes of brochures or other items from the printer to a client. He serves on the board of Better Eugene Springfield Transportation (aka BEST) and the Events Committee of GreenLane Sustainable Business Network.

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