InEugene TV Kiosk Update

In Eugene TV App WordPress

InEugene Realestate just asked up to update their TV application that displays listing in their front window. In this update, we made sure we’re always pulling their listings via the IDX library in addition to whatever listings are showing based on the parameters set for the application.

The really cool piece we’ve added though is support for video. InEugene has started taking drone videos to show off their listings, and wanted to display those on their TV as well, but in an automated way. With this update, they can now add the video to their listing like they normally would, and instead of displaying an image of the listing, we’ll put their drone video in the background, play the video, and then advance the slide when it’s done. All done automatically — they update the listing and the next time the TV refreshes, the video will be there. If you’re in Eugene and you haven’t seen it, head down to their office on Broadway and check it out.

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Steven Quinn

With a master’s degree in Visual Effects and Animation, Steven is a coding whiz and a jack of all trades. He handles web development, graphic design, and 3D modeling and rendering. Before co-founding Figoli Quinn with Tony, Steven worked as a designer and web developer at a financial services company and at other agencies. Steven is a former member of the University of Oregon marching band, and when he’s not working you are likely to find him playing any of the various musical instruments he knows.

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