Laurel Ridge Winery

Located in Carlton, Oregon

“ The team at Figoli Quinn is a dream to work with. Not only did they do a stellar job with a big website and logo rebranding, but their continued work on our marketing materials and website is unparalleled. They are super responsive and always there when we need them. We'd have an impossible time functioning without them at this point. ”

— Maija Teppola

Laurel Ridge is situated on a 240-acre estate, in the Yamhill-Carlton region of the Willamette Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA). Since 1986, Laurel Ridge Winery has made a name for producing wines of distinction and, to this day, Laurel Ridge truly is a family-run business.

Winery logo

Keeping the history, changing the tone. The owners of Laurel Ridge winery in Oregon were interested in reworking the company logo, to make the brand more refined, but without starting completely over. We used the same…

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Wine labels

Clean, simple, graceful. The goal around Laurel Ridge’s rebranding was to create a more simple, minimalist and upscale appeal — while of course making it relatively easy to make new labels as each new round of…

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Winery website

Responsive, editable, well-designed. When Laurel Ridge came to us asking to redo their website, they had a couple of things they wanted to accomplish. First, was to make sure they could edit whatever they needed to…

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