Our back door into Eugene Weekly's 'Best Of ...'

The other day at lunch we were browsing Eugene Weekly’s “Best Of” edition, and were joking that there wasn’t a category for “best branding/design agency.” Well, wait a second. Check out that entry for Best Comfort Food, with first prize going to Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen, a client of ours.

After rightly praising Papa’s food, the Weekly notes: “As an aside, whoever designed their menu should get a Best of Eugene award of his/her very own: The thing is beautiful.”

Yup, that’d be Tony, the Figoli in Figoli Quinn.

Tony put aside his normally humble nature in order to stand up and identify himself, with this short note to the staff at the Weekly:

Thanks for the kind mention of Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen’s menu design (in your recent Best Of issue). I am the guilty party who designed the menu (with the help of the great man himself, Papa). It still stands as one of my favorite projects. I think most designers would agree that looking back at their own work can be a painful episode of self-criticism. Fortunately, when I go back and critique this particular design, I am usually about to get on the good side of a rack of ribs. Thanks Papa’s for years of great eats and great friendship!

Here’s the design, which was inspired by Southern butcher shop window displays:



Bob Passaro

Bob specializes in web design and development and copywriting. Before joining Figoli Quinn, he was a freelance web developer, a copywriter at the Eugene marketing agency Cawood, and back in the distant past he was a newspaper editor and reporter. In another life, Bob might have been a bicycle courier – but he settles for occasionally hopping on his bike to deliver boxes of brochures or other items from the printer to a client. He serves on the board of Better Eugene Springfield Transportation (aka BEST) and the Events Committee of GreenLane Sustainable Business Network.

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